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Are you looking for an affordable lawn care service... in the Yorktown area of Virginia please consider Prestigious Turf Management!  Prestigious provides comprehensive and all inclusive lawn care programs including lawn fertilization programs, weed control, insect protection, flea & Tick control, mosquito treatment programsseeding & aeration packages.  We service the following areas; Yorktown, Newport News, Williamsburg, York County, Hampton, James City County.

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Affordable Lawn Care in Virginia by Prestigious Turf ManagementPrestigious Turf Management

Prestigious Turf Management is one of the top lawn care companies serving the Yorktown area of Virginia including Newport News, Williamsburg, Hampton area of Virginia.  We specialize in beautiful green lawns.

Affordable lawn care services provided by Prestigious Turf Management of Yorktown VirginiaTurf Management Programs

Prestigious offers three turf management programs which are defined by 5, 7, or 9 applications.   Our lawn care programs include:

Weed Control
Fungicide Treatments

Affordable lawn care services provided by Prestigious Turf Management of Yorktown Virginia - lawn fertilization programsSeeding & Aeration Packages

Prestigious Turf Management offers seed & aeration packages "or you can just choose one package".  Our lawn care programs include Aeration and Over seeding which provides the biggest impact to a healthy lawn here in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Mosquito Control

Prestigious Turf comprehensive treatment program will help you reclaim your yard.  Schedule a treatment program before your next outside special occasion or event.  Mosquito control at it's best!

Soil Testing

At Prestigious we can send a sample of your soil to a Virginia lab to be tested for pH and nutrients levels.

Having trouble pests in your lawn the call Prestigious Turf Management of Yorktown VirginiaMoles & Voles

At Prestigious Turf Management we know the damage that moles & voles can do to your yard and plants.  Our programs are safe and effective, and will deter them from coming back to your yard.

Flea & Tick Treatment Programs

The Prestigious Turf Management service provides an effective flea & tick treatment programs... for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  Flea's and ticks can resided in your lawn or a field or tree line surrounding your home.  The Prestigious Lawn Care program targets the ticks that could infect your pets with Lyme disease.

How Do People Get Lyme Disease?

People become infected when they are fed on by infected ticks. Adult ticks are commonly encountered when people’s clothing brushes over grass or bushes along the edges of hiking trails. Nymphal ticks occur on fallen logs and leaf litter in wooded areas. People can pick them up on their clothes or skin when leaning against trees, sitting on logs, or playing in fallen leaves. Nymphets are particularly dangerous because their small size allows them to go undetected and they may feed on a person for several days without being found.