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Cool Season Turf Tips

Cool Season Turf Tips Prestigious Turf Management is considered one of the top lawn card companies in the Yorktown area of Virginia.  As part of supporting the local community we have put together a series of helpful hits to help you maintain your lawn through the different seasons here in Virginia.  So if your looking […]

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Adopt A Highway - Prestigious Turf Management

Community Service

Adopt A Highway Yes, Prestigious Turf Management is part of the Adopt A Highway program in Virginia.  Community service is a very important part of our lawn care service.  We are a veteran owned business that is located in Yorktown Virginia.  Our knowledge of keeping your lawn green is a great fit for adopting a […]

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What Kind of Turf Do You Have?

What Type of Turf do you have…? Lets define these categories as cool season grass and warm season grass types. Cool season turf such as fescue and bluegrass grow best in the two cool seasons of the year –fall and spring, with an ideal temperature range of 55-70F. They struggle in the hot months of […]

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Prestigious Turf - Seven Step Program

Seven Step Lawn Treatment Program

Seven Step Lawn Treatment Program Prestigious Turf Management in Yorktown Virginia, offers a Seven Step Lawn Treatment Program. We don’t just “spray for weeds”, our roots go deeper than that! Our plans are based on the specific turf type you have. We feed your soil just as much as your turf. If this is your […]

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