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Spray Technician Wanted - Prestigious Turf Management Yorktown VA

Cool Season Turf Tips

Cool Season Turf Tips Prestigious Turf Management is considered one of the top lawn card companies in the Yorktown area of Virginia.  As part of supporting the local community we have put together a series of helpful hits to help you maintain your lawn through the different seasons here in Virginia.  So if your looking […]

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Prestigious Turf Disease Control Program

Turf Fungicide Program

Turf Fungicide Program Prestigious Turf Management of Yorktown Virginia will be starting a fescue turf fungicide  plan in early May.  The program starts up in early May and ends the later part of July.  Three factors are required for a disease to develop: a susceptible plant, a pathogen, and an environment favorable for pathogen growth.  […]

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Prestigious Turf Management offers tailored 7 Step & 12 Step treatment programs, requiring a soil test for optimal results. Our other trusted services include: seeding & aeration, and top dressing/lawn leveling program. Our soil testing ensures precise fertilizer application, resulting in a lush, healthy lawn.

Our Team

Our Team Prestigious Turf Management (follow us on Facebook) has put together one of the best teams of lawn care treatment professionals in the Yorktown area of Virginia.  Our certifications include; Virginia Urban Nutrient Management Planner, Virginia Commercial Applicator, Certified Fertilizer Applicator.  If you are looking for the best in how to treat and maintain […]

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Adopt A Highway - Prestigious Turf Management

Community Service

Adopt A Highway Yes, Prestigious Turf Management is part of the Adopt A Highway program in Virginia.  Community service is a very important part of our lawn care service.  We are a veteran owned business that is located in Yorktown Virginia.  Our knowledge of keeping your lawn green is a great fit for adopting a […]

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Slit Seeding by Prestigious Turf Management - Yorktown Virginia - Lawn Treatments


Slit Seeding Slit-seeding is a mechanical method of planting grass seed that combines a bit of de-thatching with seeding. A row of blades that resemble stars dig down into the soil, creating slits in the ground.  This is just one of the many lawn care services offered by Prestigious Turf Management of Yorktown Virginia.  Our […]

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Top Dressing and lawn leveling - the time to start this service is in May with Prestigious Turf management - lawn care at its best!

Top Dressing – Lawn Leveling

Top Dressing & Lawn Leveling  At Prestigious Turf Management, Inc. of Yorktown Virginia offers a new program to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia – Topdressing – Lawn Leveling service.  We realize the lasting health of your grass depends on the state of your soil no matter what type of turf.  Our sand topdressing & […]

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Lawn Treatment by Prestigious Turf Management - Before & After

Before & After

Before & After – Lawn Care Results Before & After – Great results with… Prestigious Turf Management is locally owned and veteran owned lawn care service located in Yorktown Virginia.  Our company offers a seven step lawn care treatment program to making your lawn the best in the area.  Pictured below are some of the […]

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Prestigious Turf Management - Lawn Care Service - Yorktown VA

Customer Corner

  Another Beautiful Lawn by Prestigious Turf Management! Welcome to the Customer Corner The customer corner was designed to assist customers of Prestigious Turf Management and first time visitors to our website.  In this section of the website we talk about everything from weeds to lawn grass.  We have also included a FAQ section for […]

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Prestigious Turf Management - Yorktown VA - Fertilizer - weed control - soil test

Common Virginia Weeds

Common Virginia Weeds Prestigious Turf Management serves the Yorktown area of Virginia and has put together a guide to common Virginia Weeds.  We have tailored lawn treatment programs – 1) Our 7 Step Program, 2) Our 12 Step Program, that are designed to eliminate these weeds and keep your lawn green no matter the season.  […]

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Prestigious Turf Management - Yorktown VA - Fertilizer - weed control - soil test

Weed Control

Weed Control Prestigious Turf Management is the top lawn care service in the Yorktown area of Virginia.  We offer a wide range of weed control products plus feed back from our lawn care specialists to you on how to keep your weeds under control!  We provide safe and effective weed control products.  Weeds are gone […]

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