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Prestigious Turf Management

Contact Us... TSP Lawns & Landscapes, Inc. is proud to announce Prestigious Turf Management the lawn care company serving the Yorktown area of Virginia including Newport News, Williamsburg, Hampton area of Virginia.

Turf Management Programs

Prestigious Turf offers a seven step program to a beautiful lawn.   Our lawn care programs include:

Weed Control
Fungicide Treatments

Seeding & Aeration Packages

Prestigious Turf Management offers seed & aeration packages or you can just choose one package.  Aeration and Overseeding provides the biggest impact to a health lawn here in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

TSP Lawns & Landscaping, Inc.

We have divided our company so we don’t have to divide our time and focus on the high demands for quality turf maintenance. We are licensed and insured and have certified applicators to take care of all your needs. We are a locally owned and operated company that has been servicing the area through TSP since 1996.

Mosquito Control

Prestigious Turf with our comprehensive treatment plan will help you reclaim your backyard.  Mosquito control at it's best!

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