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Lawn Care Services

Prestigious Turf Management... Is the best Lawn care service in the Yorktown area of Virginia.  Our lawn care services offer a wide range of affordable lawn care programs!  Prestigious provides comprehensive lawn treatment programs including fertilization programs (7 Treatments Per Year), seeding and aeration packages (Spring for warm season grasses / Fall for re-seeding).  Our lawn care company service area includes; Yorktown, York County, Poquoson, Hampton, Newport News, and Carrollton.

Treatment Programs

At Prestigious Turf our goal is your goal in regards to your turf. We don't just "spray for weeds", our roots go deeper! Our plans are based on the specific turf type you have.  We feed your soil just as much as your turf.

Seeding and Aeration

Our aeration and over seeding program is top notch.  We use the best quality seed and help rejuvenate the grass area of your lawn.  Check out our new seed AquaMaxx, deep roots, low water usage premium turf grass seed.

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