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  • Mole & Vole Treatments

Pest Control by Prestiqious Turf Management - The top lawn care service in Yorktown

Mole & Vole Treatments

At Prestigious Turf Management we know the damage that moles & voles can do to your yard and plants.  Moles making tunnels in your lawn and voles eating your spring bulbs and perennial roots.  Our mole & vole treatments are safe and effective, and will deter them from coming back to your yard.  Our lawn care company service area includes; Yorktown, York County, Poquoson, Hampton, Newport News, and Carrollton.


Description of Moles

A mole is 4 to 7 inches in length with paddle-shaped feet and prominent digging claws. It has an elongated head and snout, small eyes, and no external ears. The short black-to-brownish-gray fur has no grain, which allows the mole to move easily forward and backwards in the tunnels.

Pest Control by Prestiqious Turf Management - The top lawn care service in Yorktown


Prestigious Turf Management - removes Voles from your yard!  Located in Yorktown VA

Description of a Vole

Voles look like field mice with short tails, compact heavy bodies, small eyes, and partially hidden ears. Voles are 5 to 8 inches long and have prominent orange teeth for gnawing plant roots and stems.  These opportunists will dig characteristic golf ball sized exit holes in previously established mole tunnels. One day a plant will be beautiful, and a few days later, it will have fallen over with the roots gnawed off. There may be multiple residents in a vole colony, so habitat modification is important in controlling them.

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