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Seeding and aeration by Prestigious Turf Management of Yorktown VA
Starting in August we are starting our
Seeding & Aeration Programs!

Seeding & Aeration

Prestigious Turf Management has a top ranked seeding & aeration service.  We have a machine that does an excellent job on aeration by plugging your lawn.  Normally after aeration we do an over seed program.  Our seed program takes two forms, 1) we have a slit seeded that creates a small cut in your turf, which seed is dropped into the cut.  We also do 2) overcast seeding with high quality seed.  So to get the greenest lawn in the neighborhood schedule a free estimate with Prestigious.  Our lawn care company service area includes; Yorktown, Poquoson, Newport News, and the Hampton Road area of Virginia. Schedule this service by September 1st, of 2021 and receive a discount!

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About Aeration

In the aeration process, we use a machine to remove cores of dirt from the soil and leave those cores on the surface of the ground. This reduces soil compaction, and grass roots extend further underground where the grass plant seeks out and absorbs more nutrients and water, yielding a healthier turf.

Lawn Aeration by Prestigious Turf Management - Yorktown VA

About Seeding

Prestigious Turf Management uses only the top brands of seed that adapt to the Yorktown area of Virginia.  Our supply center is located in the Yorktown Feed & Seed building, where they offer bulk grass seed in their store.  Quality seed really makes the difference in the spring to fall growing season.

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AquaMaxx Tall Fescue Seed - Prestigious Turg Management - Yorktown Feed Seed 'N More


Tall Fescue

Purchase Seed

To purchase top quality seed used by Prestigious Turf Management please visit Yorktown Feed, Seed N'More.  Our store in Yorktown Virginia carries southern Belle Hybrid, Southern Belle Classic, Traditional Shade Mix, Perennial and Annual Rye, Contractor blends, and we now carry aquaMaxx (The game changer for Turf Seed).

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