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7 Step Lawn Treatment Program

Prestigious Turf Management in Yorktown Virginia (follow us on Facebook), offers a 7 Step Lawn Treatment Program. We don't just "spray for weeds", our roots go deeper than that! Our plans are based on the specific turf type you have. We feed your soil just as much as your turf. If this is your first year with us, additional applications may be needed/suggested to get your turf up to par. If needed they will cost only the amount of your quoted monthly payments. Please note our competitors do not include fungicide applications in their general treatment plans. Turf disease can completely destroy your lawn!

 We also offer additional turf services such as grub control, nutsedge treatements,  

growth regulators, pigment applications and mosquito control!

7 Step Lawn Treatment Program by Prestigious Turf Management of Yorktown Virginia

7 Step Cool Season Applications

Starting in the spring Prestigious Turf tests your soil so they can tune you lawn applications to get the most out of your PH levels found in your soil.  The pre-emergency in the spring is the key to preventing those unwanted weeds from cropping up in your yard.  Get the most out of your yard with our spring/fall applications.

7 Step Warm Season Applications

  1. Annual Soil Analysis
  2. Fertilization
  3. Pre-Emergent Weed Control
  4. Growth Enhancer
  5. Crabgrass Control
  6. pH Soil Amendment
  7. Potassium
  8. Fungicide


7 Step Lawn Treatment Program by Prestigious Turf Management of Yorktown Virginia - Warm Season treatments

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