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Soil Sample the first test with Prestigious Turf Managements Lawn Care program - Yorktown VA
The Soil Test is the first step to a GREAT LAWN!

Does your lawn have the right PH balance! PH will determine how effective our treatment programs are!

Soil Testing

Soil Testing is the key - If your lawn is experiencing on-going weed problems, or bare spots in your lawn you may want to consider having a soil test by Prestigious Turf Management your lawn care specialist. At Prestigious we can send a sample of your soil to a Virginia lab to be tested for pH and nutrient levels. Many times weeds, moss or bare spots can be indicators of nutrient deficiencies (i.e. Dandelions are linked to compaction, low pH, and low Calcium). We can add specific soil improvement products to balance your soil nutrient levels and discourage weed growth.

Do you know the PH level of your lawn - Prestigious Turf of Yorktown Virginia knows - your best lawn care service

Soil Testing = We're not just trying to find out the pH, any home homeowner can buy a $5.00 kit and try it themselves.  We utilize a USDA nationally certified and accredited lab to perform the diagnostic tests. Once we receive the results, as professionals we interpret the results. It allows us to quantify the soils current levels of nutrients and its potential to make nutrients "plant available." Critical values of macro/micro nutrients are just one variable involved to obtaining healthy turf.

Why have a soil test done?                                                        

A top priority to us here at Prestigious Turf Management is reducing the environmental impact of materials applied on lawns. Yes, we can visually see a distressed grass, yes… we may have an idea of the issues, but your lawn is telling us so much more beneath those grass roots.   A soil analysis allows us to tailor the plan, so your lawn receives the nutrients needed and withholding what it doesn’t. In this case we like to follow a little motto, “Don’t guess, soil test”. Ultimately eliminating careless and unnecessary application of herbicides like many of the other commonly known lawn care companies.

Soil Testing by Prestigious Turf of Yorktown VA

The Soil Sample is the first step in Prestigious Turf Managements lawn program - Yorktown VA

What is a soil test?

A soil test is performed by inserting a hollow metal tube roughly 2” in diameter to a depth of 4-6” in the ground and extracting a plug of soil.  Yard and landscape specific 10 plugs are pulled from each area of the lawn i.e.; front, sides and back. Those plugs are then subdivided and mixed together to obtain and overall sample. Soil is then packaged and shipped to an agronomic lab where it will be evaluated and tested through a specific process.  Once analyzed the lab will email us your results, we will review them and provide you with an interpretation. At your request we can also email you a copy which will be on file attached to your account.

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