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Topdressing - Lawn Leveling

 At Prestigious Turf Management, Inc., we realize the lasting health of your grass depends on the state of your soil no matter what type of turf.

For our Cool Season turf lawns we offer a custom blended "traditional" topdressing service. Where we evenely spread 1/4" of compost over all turf areas.

Our Warm Season turf sand topdressing and lawn leveling service will keep your warm season turf more level allowing a lower mowing height while preventing scalping! It also helps to keep the thatch layer in check and allowing more oxygen in the soil, resulting in healthier roots and turf.

Recommended for Bermuda and Zoysia Grass

* Step 1 - Aerated Your Lawn and Collect the Plugs
* Step 2 - Spread a ton of sand per 1,000 square feet

Prestigious Turf Lawn Service Yorktown - Mowing Tips cool; season grassesSand Top Dressing and Leveling Service

The Prestigious Turf "sand top dressing and leveling service" is for warm season turf specifically BERMUDA GRASS lawns.  Our sand is specifically for this purpose and adheres to United States Golf Association specifications.  It will allow the turf to be mowed lower (lower is better for Bermuda grass) with out the mower scalping.  By applying sand to any clay-based soil, you help to improve drainage and stimulate growth. Top dressing also aids in the leveling of small depressions in the lawn that may affect mowing consistency.

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