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Weed Control

Prestigious Turf Management is the top lawn care service in the Yorktown area of Virginia.  We offer a wide range of weed control products plus feed back from our lawn care specialists to you on how to keep your weeds under control!  We provide safe and effective weed control products.  Weeds are gone when Prestigious Turf Management is working on your lawn.

Our Seven Step Weed Control Program

Prestigious Turf Management offers a seven step program to control weeds in your yard.  For a greener, thicker lawn, call Prestigious Turf today to get started!

warm season turf treatments by Prestigious Turf Management of Yorktown VA

Cool Season Turf Treatments by Prestigious Turf Management of Yorktown VA


Management controls begin with getting a soil test and adjusting the pH as needed. Improve surface drainage by aeration and topdressing if needed. Increase mowing height and overseed thin areas to limit the ability of this weed to establish in the lawn. Clean mowing equipment between using the mower in an area with annual bluegrass and annual bluegrass free area to avoid spreading seeds.

Soil Testing by Prestigious Turf of Yorktown VA

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