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Prestigious Turf Management has put together a great team of lawn care professionals.  Our certifications include; Virginia Urban Nutrient Management Planner, Virginia Commercial Applicator, Certified Fertilizer Applicator.  Contact us and put a great team to work for you.

Hampton Massengill - Prestigious Turf Management

Hampton Massengill

Account Specialist

Hampton Massengill


-Virginia Urban Nutrient Management Planner

An urban nutrient management plan is a plan prepared by a Virginia certified nutrient management planner to manage the amount, placement, timing and application of fertilizer, biosolids, or other materials containing plant nutrients in order to reduce nutrient loss to the environment and to produce healthy turf.  A certified planner may create a site-specific plan that provides agronomic and environmentally sound recommendations for applying nutrients to turfgrass.

-Virginia Commercial Applicator

An applicator who has completed the requirements as determined by the board, including appropriate training and time in service, to apply for a certification, and who uses or supervises the use of any pesticide for any purpose or on any property other than as provided in the definition of private applicator.

-Certified Fertilizer Applicator

 Successful completion and training requirements must bet met along with completion of course contents including fertilizer characteristics, record keeping, calibration, soils, and environmental considerations.

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Joey Knights

Certified Lawn Specialist

Joey Knights


- Virginia Certified Registered Technician

 Successfully completed approved training and demonstration with competency by passing the required exam. All pesticide applicators are required to pass the Virginia Core exam to receive certification.

-Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Manager

Successful completion of certificate program from the University of Georgia. Course covers soils, turfgrass growth, fertilization, mowing, irrigation, weeds, diseases, pesticides, and enhanced turf management practices

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